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「裂織」は、使い古した布を細く裂き、織りこみ、衣服や生活用品へと再生する織物です。 経糸に安い木綿糸、横糸に古布を用いて織った裂織は、丈夫で温かく、使いつづけるとやわらかな風合いになります。今から150年以上前の江戸時代、寒冷な気候の為に木綿の育成や入手が難しかった東北地方などでは、大切に使った布を素材を裂き織りにしてこたつ掛けや仕事着、帯などを織っていました。さまざまな種類の端切れを合わせることで豊かなの色合いの織物になります。

Sakiori is a technique in which cloth is woven with recycled weft against cotton warp. Vintage kimonos or bits of old fabrics were shredded into thin pieces and woven together to make more durable and warmer everyday garments. During the Edo Period (1603-1868) in the northern region of Japan it was too cold to grow cotton and so new garments were hard to come by. Commoners would often recycle their old garments into sakiori cloth and made obi, work wear, or kotatsu blanket (a blanket that covers a low wooden table with an interior heat source.)

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