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ヨコ糸に強撚糸を用いて、布面にしぼを出した織物。 少量ずつ丁寧に叩きほぐす様に捺染することで柔らかな色合いと自然なシワを生み出し、最終工程で生地の芯からしっかりほぐすことでソフトでふっくらした表情に仕上げました。やわらかな肌触りで、通気性、吸水速乾性に優れる機能性の高い生地ですが、和紙を混合することでさらに軽く、通気性を高めました​

Common fabric for yukata, the Japanese traditional bathrobe. To create a crumpled surface a highly twisted yarn is used for the weft. Its soft color and natural wrinkles are produced by carefully tapping and loosening the fabric during the dye-printing process. In addition, the fabric is loosened from the core in the finishing process producing a soft and fluffy look. It features a soft texture, excellent air permeability, water absorption and is quick-drying. By mixing washi (paper), it becomes even lighter and more breathable.

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